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Nadeem Sohail Toronto, Canada

Alhamdulillah, My son has been reciting the Qur’an with eQuran Online for almost a year and he has already developed a proper base for Tajweed needed for the recitation of the Qur’an. My son has already reached the 12th Juz which is quite a feat as all of his previous tutors ended up leaving for one reason or another before my son had established a proper base for himself. EQuran Online has been very good as his tutor has a very friendly attitude when teaching and is very cooperative with his students. Anyone curious about eQuran Online can contact me to know how our experience went.


Mohammad Athar New Jersey, USA

We have started eQuran Online classes for our sons almost 10 months back. Since then we are having a wonderful experience with eQuran Online. First we thought that it won’t be easy for kids to be focus while taking Quran classes online. We started trial classes and realized we were wrong. The way course is designed and well qualified teacher with in-depth knowledge of what he is teaching making all the difference. I realized my kids open the computer and revise the lesson before the class starts by him self which shows that how comfortable they are with the teacher. We as a parent are proud that we decided to select eQuran Online which has given my kids an undivided attention for 30 mins every day. We definitely recommend EQuran Online to all the parents.


Mohammad Amir Bradford, UK

I found eQuran Online extremely helpful in providing a solid foundation for Quran recitation. Their tutors were very friendly and accommodating. Also have a good grasp in communicating in English. The step-by-step course outline helped my son understand the fundamentals of Arabic reading. Her female tutor explanations were clear and concise and she went above and beyond in many situations just to make sure my daughter understood the pronunciation of Arabic words. In addition, good familiarity with the technology to conduct the class using various tools available online. I am very pleased with my experience and highly recommend others to try.


Imran Aslam Oslo, Norway

I highly recommend eQuran Online to any parents who is looking for effective one to one Quran lessons for their childrens. EQuran Oline tutors are highly educated and have complete command on the subject of Quran recitation and Tajweed. They Have very good communication skills in English and effectively uses all kinds of web based tools available to facilitate online Quran learning for kids. Our son started almost a year back and has made great progress since. Several of my friends have also joined this institute for their kids on my recommendations and are very satisfied with the teaching methods used at this institute.


Student Mother California, USA.

All praise to Allah SWT alone What an ease of seeking knowledge from the comfort of our own homes. It is a satisfying and helpful Quran class Alhamdulillah. The teachers are very sincere and working. My sons are very happy and encouraged. Let’s improve our lives by studying eQuran Online and attain the amazing blessings from Allah SWT.


Student Mother Jubail, Saudi Arabia.

My daughter has been taking Quran class for a few months with eQuran Online. I hope to continue with them for as long because she has changed positively as instructed in Islam, I am very happy for her, I am very thankful to eQuran Online is qualified panel of Female teachers, who helped my daughter memorizing Arabic words and different Surah.


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