Translation Quran Course

quran translation course

Translation Quran Course

This course is design for those who already know how to read Quran especially for youngsters. This is very unique and comprehensive course with only 63 Lectures which insha Allah cover all major subjects leading for understanding Holy Quran. After Completion of this course our students will able to translate Thy Holy Quran their selves. We want to spread the gnosis of the Holy Quran in the world by undertaking the online easy Translation Quran Course. In this course we‘ll cover following


  • Basic Tajweed and Qira’at (Science of Recitation) with Practical Exercise
  • Quranic Translation Literally and Idiomatically (1st Part)
  • Transliterations and Its Basic Rules
  • Basic Arabic Grammars
  • Ahadith-e-Nabvi (SAW)
  • Quranic Prayers


  • Urdu Language Listing and Reading
  • Basic School Education

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