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Our qualified tutors will teach the students to identify Arabic alphabets through visual software like teamviewer ,mikogo and help them to correctly pronounce these alphabets.This course also includes basic Islamic knowledge like Prayer, Sunnah, Duas, 6 kalimas. This course is for both kids and adults.There is one teacher for each student. Our experienced teachers pay close attention to each student. After the completion of this course, students will have no problem in correct recitation of Quran.

Reading of Complete Quran.
Arabic letters and their sounds.
Rules of Tajweed.
Memorization of five time daily Prayers.
Memorization of Six Kalmas.
Method of Funeral and Eid Prayers.
Memorization of various Prayers. (Duas)
Memorization of a few short Suras (chapters) for Nazra Students.
Memorization of Imaan-e-Mufassil & Mujmal, Ayah-tul-Kursi, Dua-e-Qunoot, various masnoon Duas and small Surahs.
Basic Aqaa’id (Allah, Angels, Holy books, Holy prophets, Qiyamah, Jannat, Jahannam).
Islamic History, Sunnah, Manners, Islamic months, Fasting, Halal & Haram etc.