Urdu Language Course

Language serves not only as a means to convey thoughts and ideas but also as a medium for fostering connections, be it the exchange of information, the forging of friendships, the nurturing of cultural bonds, or the development of economic relationships. Urdu, in particular, stands as one of the most widely spoken languages, uniting millions of people globally. With a rich history dating back hundreds of years, Urdu is written from right to left, akin to Arabic and Persian. Comprising 39 core letters and 13 additional characters, totaling 52, with the majority borrowed from Arabic and a smaller portion from Persian, Urdu encompasses nearly all the phonetic sounds found in languages spoken worldwide. Our Urdu language learning program offers the convenience of studying from home, allowing you to progress at your preferred pace and time.

A living language spoken by 490 millions around the world.
Enables you to understand rich literature of Quran, Seerah and Fiqh
Enables you to develop relationship with Urdu speaking community.
Since Urdu contains almost all Arabic and Persian alphabets, it helps its speaker understand Arabic and Persian literature easily.
Enables you to understand Urdu Naats, Qawalies and mystic poets for relaxation and they will help you to get used to Urdu sounds.