Why Learn Tajweed

What is Tajweed and why is it important for all Muslims to learn? The word Tajweed is an Arabic word, which refers to learning the rules that govern the proper pronunciation of the Quran. All professionals that are heard worldwide recite using tajweed, which shows the importance of why Muslims should learn it.  It is learned to make one proper in any recitation errors and read the proper terms and learn the rules of Arabic. When beginning to learn Tajweed while reciting the Quran, one has to first learn the proper Arabic alphabet and grammar and the rules that govern them. While reading in Tajweed one will notice that the throat, tongue, lips, nose, and mouth as a whole will all be used to recite everything properly. All these special techniques are taught in the same manner as they were learnt from our qualified tutors. Tajweed helps in guiding one to read the Quran in the way Allah (swt) has wanted all to read by.  If you want to learn Quran from our qualified tutors click on free trials. It’s just for your satisfaction so you have a better idea about our way of teaching and how these online Quran classes work.