Quran Translation Course

This course is crafted for individuals, particularly youngsters, who possess prior Quranic reading skills. It offers a unique and thorough curriculum spanning only 63 lectures, aiming to comprehensively cover key subjects essential for Quranic understanding. Upon course completion, our students will acquire the capability to independently translate the Holy Quran. We are dedicated to spreading the profound knowledge of the Holy Quran worldwide through our user-friendly online Quran Translation Course. In this course we‘ll cover following

Basic Tajweed and Qira’at (Science of Recitation) with Practical Exercise
Quranic Translation Literally and Idiomatically (1st Part)
Transliterations and Its Basic Rules
Basic Arabic Grammars
Ahadith-e-Nabvi (SAW)
Quranic Prayers

Urdu Language Listing and Reading
Basic School Education.