Basic Qaida Course

Beginning Quranic reading from the fundamental level holds great significance. It equips you and your children with essential Tajweed skills, enabling the recitation of the Holy Quran, even without prior knowledge of Tajweed rules. The Basic Qaida is thoughtfully structured to empower you to read proficiently, with the guidance of our dedicated instructors, immediately upon completing this compact booklet.

Here’s a glimpse of our course outline:

1. Arabic Alphabet & Accurate Pronunciation
2. Consonants
3. Short Vowels (Harakat)
4. Long Vowels (Huroof Maddah)
5. Tanween
6. Soft Vowels (Huroof Leen)
7. Rules of Noon Sakinah & Tanween
8. Rules of Meem Sakinah
9. Rules of Raa
10. Rules of Laam
11. Types of Madds (Lazim, Munfasil, and Mutasil)
12. Noon Qutni
13. Waqf (Proper Pausing and Stopping)
14. Fundamental Islamic Knowledge
15. Namaz, Kalma, and Prayer Methods, among others.

At eQuranOnline, we specialize in guiding students through each lesson, progressively elevating their Quranic reading abilities. Let’s have free trial class today.